Resiliency to Antifragility


Resilience is the bounceback after trouble, the flexibility in difficulty and the stretch under pressure. Antifragility is the ability to benefit from and grow despite environmental pressures.


Both of these abilities and skillsets are important for success across all industries in the current global environment. An environment that is continuously changing, being pulled apart and reforming. Where borders are being opened and cultural overlap is commonplace and organisations are required to move quickly between innovation, trends and future needs. 


The pressure that this places on a person can be large and developing an ability to not only carry the weight but grow with it is one of the most valuable skills an individual can possess. And for an organisation, the more people they have with this range of skill, the more advantage they can hold over makets and competition.


This course developes the understanding that there is no stability and no safe zone save that in the ability to accept change, move continually and develop well.


Major parts covered

  • Developing resiliency

  • Moving to antifragility

  • Understanding risk

  • Thinking deeper

  • Accepting and benefitting from change

  • Moving in turmoil


Soft-skill development

The aim of this course is to take individuals and small working groups and build confidence, motivation, innovative thinking, well-being, team work, habit breaking and building, growth and change management. By improving the individual, an optimal atmosphere, communication level and mentality can be achieved that both supports the requirements of the company and the well-being of personnel.


Suited for: management, production teams, key personnel, HR

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Sales perfection

A great product? An available market? Sales is the front line in connecting the two. When every percent matters, each sale has an impact and every contact is valuable. Understanding the customer, identifying needs, building a close working relationship and developing techniques to do so more effectively are vital for growing, maintaining and keeping a strong customer base.

Suited for: Sales teams, Sales managers, Customer service

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Resiliency to Antifragility

Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. This is the grit that drives through the hard times. Antifragility is not just getting through but benefitting and growing from the challenge. Getting through and becoming stronger for it. There are many factors that promote growth and numerous others that weaken positions. Understanding the opportunities and risks greatly increases potential movement.

Suited for: Management, high-stress positions, HR, growth experts, the at risk under stress

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Market Innovation

No matter the field, in a constantly changing environment creativity is a necessary part of developing, and maintaining a successful business. The ability to think without constraint and flex with the environment are skills that require constant self-evaluation and stretching. When actively trained and practised, ideas and innovations begin to flow freely.

Suited for: Design teams, leaders, strategists, marketers

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Power Language

Communication is key to doing effective business locally and globally. Gaining influential skills in negotiating, argumentation, presentation, body language and posture, tone, speed and rhythm requires a much deeper understanding than vocabulary and grammar. Becoming exceptional takes motivation, strength and perseverance but the rewards along the path are great and the journey enjoyable.

Suited for: management, key personnel, sales teams, negotiators

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Retail Excellence

Improving the interpersonal skills, shop floor processes and sales related skills of staff; customer satisfaction and feedback, brand worth, loyalty and sales figures can be dramatically shifted. By investigating the current model, redeveloping and defining a new standard, retail excellence can become the norm.

Suited for: retail management, floor staff, HR planners

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To fulfil potential and achieve phenomenal results; time, dedication, resources and attention needs to be invested wisely. The definition for each of us varies greatly but one thing consistently rings true: Those that choose to be proactive in moving towards their goals are the ones most likely to find their success. Invest in yourself, your company, your people, your community and your world and satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Personal consultation and coaching services are provided on location and flexibility in methods, programs and targets means that all development can be tailored to the individual, group or company. The 'this is the way it has always been done' thinking will be challenged and many areas will be dynamically covered.




Soft-skills are personal attributes that enable someone to operate robustly and interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. 

A few examples:
reliability, flexibility, leadership, self-direction, teamwork, sociability, time management, motivation, attention, critical thinking, conflict resolution, independence, judgement, situational awareness, tolerance, patience, willingness, positivity and integrity.

There has been a global shift towards weighing soft skills more heavily in the hiring process. These skills are often difficult to evaluate accurately but when possessed have a large impact on the inner workings and overall results of an organisation. If a company takes a leading role in seeking and developing these skills in their people it leads to significant benefits that far outstrip initial investment. With an effective program, changes start small but snowball into a perpetual motion of improvement. 


There are many skills that provide opportunity and for each individual it can vary greatly making off the rack courses unsuitable for most.

Specific movements can also be hard to gauge but the changes can often be felt like a breeze changing direction and in time, company results are seen in the concrete numbers of the financial data.

This is result based training and although often enjoyable is set to challenge, provoke and push personal and commercial, large scale change.



Some Personal benefits

  • Motivation

  • Work satisfaction

  • Creativity

  • Well-being

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Adaptability and action

  • Self-direction and integrity

Some company benefits


  • Effectivity and efficiency 

  • Internal stability

  • Innovation

  • Performance

  • Improved communication

  • Change acceptance

  • Commitment and fulfilment


Sales Perfection


A great product? An available market? Sales is the front line in connecting the two. When every percent matters, each sale has an impact and every contact is valuable. Understanding the customer, identifying needs, building a close working relationship and developing techniques to do so more effectively are vital for growing, maintaining and keeping a strong customer base.


Whether start-up or established market leader, domestic or international, development of varied perspective, sales methodology and customer interaction continually evolves practices to ensure success. In highly competitive and changing markets, failure to move well comes with very high costs attached and lost ground can cause a landslide. 

Sales experience is only valuable when it is known to support the current market environment. Offering sales training to your team can rejuvenate their thinking and actions, deepen their skills and remind them of their goals. It can break them out of boxes and into new territory, markets and sales generation. Small investments can bring significant differences in lead conversion and bottom line growth. As competition broadens and the economy remains volatile, gaining an edge and keeping it is a challenge that must be met.


Major points covered:


  • Personal sales skills

  • Identifying trends

  • Understanding customers

  • Improving relationships

  • Removing barriers

  • Maintaining proximity


Retail Excellence

As Finland continues to globalise and Finns adventure more often into the retail territories of other nations they are bringing back new demands for not only products but services. The changing environment stirred by internet outlets, price aggregators and more local investment interest from international brands has meant that local operates are finding it increasingly difficult to not only reach sales targets, but maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. To turn things around, it is more important than ever to invest in physical retail locations in order to maintain customer contact and also drive web sale development.

To do this a full evaluation of  practices needs to be performed, traditional models redefined, hiring practices adjusted and training functions upgraded. It is no longer suitable to spend significant resources rebuilding a shop front and leave the face of the company, the people, largely to chance. There are huge gains to be made through actively developing the management team, the HR team and the floor sales team towards more efficient and effective functioning.

Abitata will help many of these processes directly through individual, group and team trainings. Look at processes from the top to the floor and advise and develop areas that will make significant impacts on the bottom line.



Major parts covered

  • Market positioning

  • Hiring Practices

  • Shop floor training

  • Sales technique

  • Management training

  • Customer experience

  • Branding and competition


Power Language


Getting the most out of language is more than having a hold on the vocabulary and grammar. There are many aspects that traditional training overlooks as they are difficult to develop and monitor progress. 

However, the difference in impact between classroom language and a deeper understanding and usage is plain to see in the field and should be considered as necessary training. The voice is a tool that requires practice to master so that the words that come out carrying a message much stronger than the meaning found in a dictionary. 

The skills required for effective negotiation, discussion and argumentation are addressed throughout as these areas benefit greatly through training. Even though this training is in English, many of the skills can be applied across other languages.


This training goes beyond the structure of words and is suitable for anyone looking to increase their spoken effectiveness. By developing spoken delivery, communication improves greatly and actions and therefore results are more likely to occur.


Major points covered:


  • Tone

  • Speed

  • Rhythm

  • Pauses

  • Posture

  • Wording

  • Intonation

  • Body


Market Innovation


Even experts need a hand occasionally.


Innovation is often sought, barely pushed and rarely understood. Innovation is knowledge and creativity combined to develop and provide useful solutions and products for a current or future need. Often, efforts are placed on the knowledge aspect of the equation and the creativity component is left alone with a fingers crossed attitude.


Creativity is a learnable skill and one that needs constant attention and fresh input to remain current in an ever-changing environment. It is difficult to maintain and develop when there are so many workplace tasks, meetings and distractions battling for resources. However, building creative thinking can actually require a lot less investment than first thought.


Shifting perspectives, adaptation and reading possible future trends can supercharge knowledge streams and push growth potential new limits. In financially challenging periods, high competition and fast-flowing environments, creativity can be the saviour and driver in many of an organisations business areas.


Major parts covered

  • Process development

  • Shifting perspectives

  • Using knowledge effectively

  • Thinking on purpose

  • Widening views

  • Empathetic stances

  • Accepting change


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